DHCP server behaviour on wireless extender

  avssunil 17:10 25 Sep 2014



Iam working on a wireless extender where there is DHCP server.When I connect the repeater to my PC,initially I get the IP address which is assigned by the DHCP of the extender .Now when I connect the extender to a wireless router,my system gets the IP from the router and now the system Ip is IP assigned to the wireless extender by the router is

Now when I go and disable the DHCP server on the wireless extender,the page goes off and even ,the ping to the wireless extender fails with message saying "destination unreachable",but the internet works from the PC,as the PC is still connected to the extender and extender in turn connected to router.

My question is,as the router is assigning the IP to the wireless extender,why is that when the DHCP server is turned off,the extender cannot be accessed??Is this a bug or any other reason??

  Jollyjohn 12:33 26 Sep 2014

Turn DHCP off on the extender and allow DHCP server to assign addressess. The extender does not need an address it is transparent to devices.

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