DG834G antenna

  [DELETED] 22:00 18 Mar 2006

Due to being surrounded by metal, i am looking to extend the aerial that is attached to the router.

Just wandering if this would affect the performance and where i might be able to get one


  LastChip 22:28 18 Mar 2006
  [DELETED] 23:06 18 Mar 2006

Metal and water are both effective barriers to radio waves (2.4Ghz wireless/microwave frequency range), so an extended aerial will definitely improve performance.

Do note that your client PCs' wireless adapters also transmit as well as receive, so they would also benefit from an external aerial as well, particularly if they sit below the (boat's) waterline.

My personal experience is a significant gain with an external aerial to my client PC's wireless adapter ~ the router (& MIMO aerials) is already mounted high.

  [DELETED] 23:48 18 Mar 2006

The idea is to be able to locate the router in a better position, what i mean is at the moment it is placed near the bow doors in order for the signal to be picked up by the adjacent boat,2 50ft steel tubes makes the signal fairly directional, hence the need to extend the routers antenna

The other boat picks the signal up and is able to connect ok but signal is low.

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