Dexxa Webcam - need help to improve clarity

  technique 20:38 20 Jul 2004

I've a cheapo Dexxa webcam and don't really use it because the clarity is naff. Before I bin it and get another one, I just thought I'd pick the brains of those who may know a bit more.

Settings, configuration and tweaking the focus on the camera does not help. There is constantly a grainy effect on the camera as it is played back/displayed on my screen. The screen doesn't have a problem - it's resolution is fine and photos/graphics appear crystal clear.

On a trip to my local Staples, they had one exactly the same set up as a demo and it looked fantastic (as fantastic as a £30 webcam can look) in comparison. I thought it may be the lighting but moving the camera where there's natural light doesn't help.

Any thoughts???

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