Devolo wifi enhancer setting up procedure

  catpwss 18:34 18 Jul 2014

Hi.Just got one of the devolo wifi extenders set up was okay but the only thing that is got me is when I select the wifi icon neaer the clock the triangular looking bars then select the devolo wifi tab it asks me to enter a network security password,Well I tried my own wifi password but that was no good. Does anyone have these wifi extenders that can assist me out here on what to enter in the box. item here

  catpwss 18:35 18 Jul 2014

Sorry made a cockup of the link. try here

  rdave13 18:46 18 Jul 2014

Have a look at this Amazon review, click here, if it's the same type.

Note "If you want to connect wirelessy to your new network, by wLAN, you will have to go to the 'Settings' part of your device and seek out networks. Your Devolo network should then show. Selecting it, you will find that you require to submit a passwork before you can access the network. WHAT PASSWORD? The password you are looking for is the security ID which you will find on the back of the large plug! It consist of 4 groups of four letters. They are case sensitive and when you enter them you have to separate them using a - symbol. You only have to do this once. Previous Devolo kits came without a security set-up and relied on the buyer to set one up. This one comes with factory set security. Once up and running, this network provides a safe operating environment."

Might help.

  catpwss 19:18 18 Jul 2014

Thank You.Been looking for that answer for about three hours. Your the man,many thanks.

  rdave13 19:23 18 Jul 2014

catpwss , thanks for the feedback and now you're up and running.

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