Devolo Highspeed Starter Kit w. 2 PCs/Xbox 360s

  D0m1n4t0r 22:56 08 Jan 2008

I have purchased 2 sets of Devolo DLAN starter kits (2 pairs, so four plugs in total)
1 of them i connect to my modem-router in my office and into the mains.
Another plug goes from another mains plug upstairs and connects to a pc.
A third plug is used in another room to plug into a computer in the same way.
i have installed all of the divers and software and configured each one with the Security ID of the primary plug (the one plugged into the modem).

Problem: Not more than one computer (or Xbox 360) can receive internet connection at the same time.

The problem is, is that only one of the computers will receive an internet connection at a time. For example if computer A has a connection, computer B does not. the only way to make compuer B to get a connection is to remove and disconnect the devolo plug from computer A.
i have 2 Xbox 360's in the house in the same rooms as the computers, however only one of them can get an internet connection at a time. the only way for the other 360 to get an Xbox Live connection is to disconnect the other one.

this is really frustrating because i have to keep taking the plugs in and out which creates the DLAN connection to be unstable.

Does anybody have any solutions? Many Thanks.

  ambra4 03:09 09 Jan 2008

Have you contracted Devolo support

click here

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