Devolo dlan 500 starter kit

  doof 21:25 19 Sep 2014

Help, cannot get this to work on my home wifi. I'm using a BT Hub3 and all my devices are Apple. Problem is I cannot login to the Devolo signal, my devices ie IPAD , Apple Mac see the signal in settings but cannot connect . Tried al resets and help line and no one can tell me why this is not working? Any help would be nice

  northumbria61 05:49 20 Sep 2014

Devolo dlan 500 Manual

I can't give any advice as to your problem as I don't have any Devolo products but you may find something in the manual to assist you

  simonjary 07:38 20 Sep 2014

Do you mean you can't find the Wi-Fi signal? Does it work using ethernet?

What is the exact model you are using?

  doof 08:41 22 Sep 2014

Well, it's a Devolo dlan 500 starter kit. I received this email from Devolo and followed the instructions as best I can. Basically I'm not sure what I'm doing, I changed the SSID but step 10 looses me. I don't know what key to enter.

please download the devolo Cockpit, it is a software to configure, optimize and organize the dLAN adapters. Here is the link:

click here you will find a step by step explanation of the wireless configuration of the dLAN 500 WiFi/500 AV Wireless+:

Please change the SSID (shown name of the wireless network) to a name which is not already used by another wireless network. Also, please change the key for the wireless security, as described below.

  1. Connect the dLAN 500 WiFi/500 AV Wireless+ directly by network cable to a computer and to a power outlet.

  2. If this computer has a wireless function, please disable the wireless function at the computer for the time of configuration.

  3. Please start the Cockpit software. (it can be found on the website if not on the CD, please use the following link: click here )

  4. Now the dLAN 500 WiFi/500 AV Wireless+ is shown in the Cockpit, probably right above the devolo dLAN cockpit logo.

  5. On the right side next to the dLAN 500 WiFi/500 AV Wireless+ several symbols are shown. Please choose the symbol "configuration page of the adapter".

5a. If the symbol is not shown, please make sure that security software, such as firewalls and anti-virus software is disabled for the moment.

  1. Please click on the icon "configuration page of the adapter". A browser window will be started and the "status overview" is shown.

  2. Please click on the left side on the button "WLAN configuration".

  3. Now please choose "Access Point" The wireless configuration page is shown.

  4. Here you can change the SSID (name with which the wireless network is shown) and in the lower part you can change the security/encryption for the wireless function of the dLAN 500 WiFi/500 AV Wireless+.

  5. Check the dot in front of the security type you want to use (standard WPA/WPA2) and enter a key to needed for the chosen security type:

  6. WPA or WPA 2: at least 8 characters, all 26 letters and numbers (mutated vowels and special characters are possible but NOT advisable)

  7. After you have done all changes click on "save" at the end of the page and wait until the page has been reloaded/refreshed.

    • As a check you can go back after 30 seconds and choose "Access Point" again to check if the changes have been made.

Best regards Claudia Arndt


  doof 22:02 22 Sep 2014

I am returning this hopeless product to get a refund. The support is poor, the instructions and guidance are poor, the troubleshooting guide is poor. I am unable to log onto the wireless signal and no one can tell me why? That is simply unacceptable! Advise people to steer clear especially at £80 Overall satisfaction is zero/10,

  onthelimit1 09:21 23 Sep 2014

Odd. I've set up a number of these with no problems. However, from choice I go for Tp-link which come out at around £50 from Amazon for a WiFi starter kit.

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