Devolo dLan 500 cockpit problem

  ormelittle 12:37 24 Mar 2019

When I download the Cockpit app it only remains while my computer is up and running. As soon as I restart or boot up, I can no longer get the Cockpit to appear. Instead I get a message that the Devolo adapter is not visible. ( The app is connected by an Ethernet cable, although I had the same result using wi-fi.) If memory serves me right, I think I had no problems for several months after I bought the adapters perhaps two years ago. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  john bunyan 13:50 24 Mar 2019

I have the Devolo Magic 2 system, which combines wi fi and LAN. On my laptop, when I launch Cockpit, it only “sees” the Devolo main unit plugged into the router when near to it. On my iPhone I use the Devolo network app that works everywhere. It was on this that I put the WAP router password. On what device are you trying to use cockpit app?

  ormelittle 14:35 24 Mar 2019

Thanks for your reply. I'm running Win 7 on a PC. I've already done "factory reset", to no avail. Wherever I've posted no-one seems to have any ideas!

  john bunyan 14:54 24 Mar 2019

It may be worth a phone call to Devolo?

They have a UK one even if it’s answered in Germany

  ormelittle 15:03 24 Mar 2019

Thank you John. It was always an option.

  ormelittle 20:17 24 Mar 2019

John, I installed COCKPIT on a laptop, running Win 10. So far no problems. Perhaps the original problem is with my PC and Win 7. Fingers crossed.

  john bunyan 20:37 24 Mar 2019


Good news . I have it on a W10 laptop also. Maybe one needs W10

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