Devolo 500Mbps - dropping signal, speeds too low

  Malthus101 10:28 18 Feb 2018

Howdy folks

In a house at the moment that just had Virgin broadband installed - the router is giving off about 125Mbps if in the same room (according to The house has a Devolo 500Mbps kit - the base unit plugged into the wall and Ethernet into the Virgin router and then two adapter units.

Using the Devolo Cockpit software, it can see all units functioning and shows speeds of about 200Mbps on each adapter.

However, it often drops out and the Cockpit says there is no internet connection.

Having terrible connection problems on laptops and mobile phones as a result.

Question - (i) why is the signal dropping? (ii) why are the max speeds I can get from around 25Mbps off the adapters if Cockpit is saying the units are getting around 200Mbps? (iii) if the Virgin router is only outputting max 125Mbps, how are the adapters getting 200Mbps??


  difarn 18:12 21 Feb 2018

Are you using the Virgin Hub 3.0? If so there appear to have been problems with them and Devolo plugs. Have a read through these posts on the Virgin Community Forum.

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