Marko797 11:45 20 Feb 2010

I've had one of these wifi extender kits for abt 2 yrs now, and it works superbly.

However, although my wife can connect with her vista laptop no problem and is automatically detected, I seem to be no longer able to connect to it, even when sat in the same room as the transmitter part with the aerial on.

I can see devolo in my 'available networks' and the strength is 'excellent'. But despite this, my laptop chooses to connect to the desktop router network with a 'low' signal.

If I try and force the connection to devolo, it will go through the connection process, and tell me it's 'connected' but then will go through the 'acquiring address' process twice, then automatically give up and proceed to connect to the desktop router 'low' signal.

Is there a simple solution? Some setting which needs to be re-set within the laptop network card or something? I've tried resetting the router, and also unplugging then plugging devolo back in, but to no avail.

Any advice gratefully received.

  Marko797 12:13 20 Feb 2010

password issue :(

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