JACC 22:22 04 Nov 2008

does anyone know of any problems with devolo homeplugs and the orange livebox,i'm planning a setup for my sons xbox,the microsoft adapters don't work so i'm going to try this setup instead.

  skidzy 23:01 04 Nov 2008

"microsoft adapters don't work"

Are you trying to setup xbox live ?

We have two xboxes in the house and both are working fine,though a new router was needed.

Sorry no knowledge of the Homeplugs.

  JACC 16:02 05 Nov 2008

Hi skidzy,yep i'm trying to setup xbox live for him , we've tried seperate microsoft adapters and neither of them worked(adapters failed)so both had to be sent back.I was wondering if the livebox would still work using the homeplugs or would i have to do as you have done and get another router to work with the livebox.Will the two "speak" to eachother do you think?

  skidzy 19:31 05 Nov 2008

I believe if not a wired connection directly to the router you have to use the Microsoft wireless adaptor-i dont think you can use the home plugs.

Can you give me a bit more info please.

Can the xbox see the router ?
If so,at what stage does it fail ?

We had a faulty adaptor to start with,changed this and worked for a while.Then we kept getting dropouts from the connection-this turned out to be the router at fault,no matter what research and tinkering with router just would not sustain a connection.

Bought a new router (Belkin N series)click here and so simple to setup,basically just follow the xbox steps,enter the security key and away we go.

  Stuartli 20:34 05 Nov 2008

Solwise specialise in supplying this type of equipment and have various How To articles on its website. See:

click here

It's a very helpful company and one worth bearing in mind.

  JACC 22:18 06 Nov 2008

Hi skidzy,nah mate the xbox doesn't see the livbox,we've tried two microsoft adapters and neither worked , we even had them in the same room as the livebox and still no joy,even tried someone else's adapters and they didn't work either and he tried to set it up and it still wouldn't work and that's why i'm going down the homeplug road.(if it will work)

  skidzy 22:29 06 Nov 2008

It should work with the livebox.

Sorry cannot help with the homeplugs.

Can i suggest you try connecting the xbox to the livebox via ethernet....Does this work ?

I have read a lot of issues over the past few weeks regarding xbox connections and you maybe just unlucky.

I would certainly try another adaptor,i had to persevere with 2 xboxes and they are running just fine now.

I have found this link and may help you out click here

  JACC 08:20 07 Nov 2008

Hi skidzy,we've got an xbox 360 connected by ethernet and it works fine,it's in the same room as the livebox,but we've also tried the same xbox360 with the adapters and it wouldn't connect

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