Devils 500 Duo connection to new internet hub

  Schnell73 11:16 13 Nov 2016

Hi - just switched to BT infinity from EE. With old EE set up I had a Devolo 500 Duo network extender set up with 5 additional socket extenders. I switched to BT which in itself was a nightmare, but now I am struggling to reset the Devolo system to connect to the new BT hub.

I have connected the Duo adapter to the hub with the cable, it's showing a slow flashing light, which I think indicates power but no internet connection...

I have tried to find a way to reset the master adapter to factory settings but can't seem to find out how....

When I try and reset the individual extenders I get my old network name show up on my Wifi network options on my phone, so it's not resetting properly

Any ideals welcome - cheers


  Daniel Hirst 11:18 13 Nov 2016

Usually for routers to "Hard Reset" them, you hold the reset button in for around 15 seconds i believe :)

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