Device Usage

  Trackrat 23:06 22 Dec 2003

When you open device manager and right click on an entry and click properties on certain items the device usage box is greyed out is this anything to worry about or is there a solution to enable this box. I am running XP home and have downloaded all the latest drivers for the items with the greyed out boxes, but it has made no difference the boxes are still greyed out.

  alan2274 23:20 22 Dec 2003

I too have a similar problem and will watch this post with interest

  [DELETED] 23:24 22 Dec 2003

What exactly is 'greyed out'?

It could simply be an XP safe guard against accidental damage or inadvisable changes to a devices designated settings.

For example, my system on Win2000 won't let me up the refresh rate past the monitors manufactured best. Regardless of the modernity of the drivers.

Just a thought.


  [DELETED] 23:29 22 Dec 2003

Bearing in mind that you are running XP Home. This could also be a Microsoft marketing strategy to make people use the Professional version for certain features that are only previewed (grey box) in the Home equivalent, dangled in front of your nose, so to speak.....

I would imagine in terms of manufacture; it would be far easier to take code away from 'Professional' to create 'Home'. Than to add more code to 'Home' in order to make 'Professional'.

Though, all of this is just speculation.

  Trackrat 16:45 23 Dec 2003

The device usage box normally gives you the option to enable or disable the item it applies to but on the keyboard you cannot use this option because the slit is greyed out instead of the white slit with the enable or disable options selected from an arrow at the end of the slit

  hugh-265156 16:53 23 Dec 2003

its designed like this,certain items like keyboard/processor/HDD etc will not allow you to disable them here

for obvious reasons

its normal

  Trackrat 17:11 23 Dec 2003

Have just had a look in device manager and you are correct.
thanks for the reply at first I thought their was something wrong, instead this is normal so once again thanks and enjoy your christmas.
Regards Alan

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