device manager starts internet connection

  Dekay 17:14 04 Sep 2003

Hi, When I open up device manager I get the internet connection dialoge box popping up. Also happens if I try to open CD drive. Cheers

  bennyc 17:35 04 Sep 2003

Sounds like something that a virus would do. Are you sure its this happens everytime you use these features, otherwise it could be a trojan that you've got on your computer that is trying to dial out.

  Dekay 21:17 04 Sep 2003


  Eastender 23:08 04 Sep 2003

This is the Windows Catalogue Registration program sucatreg.exe trying to access the net, as far as I can remember it has something to do with driver updates.

If it is annoying you it can be switched off in IE by going Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and scroll down to Security and untick 'Check for publishers certificate of revocation.

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