Device manager shows the same graphics card twice!

  wyatt earp 20:45 11 Nov 2003

Hi folks - looking for some help. I have a Fujitsu Siemens M7VKA mobo with 1 ghz Athlon, 512 ram, Win XP home edition, 2 hard drives,2 optical drives,soundblaster pci,lan pci and usb cable modem. (card prior to new install Nvidea tnt 64)
I installed a new Radeon 9000 atlantis pro agp card to my pc today using the latest drivers from Ati. I am using my monitor on the DVI setting with a digital cable.

I have noticed the graphics card is displayed in device manager twice same description but the second one has a hyphon then secondary after it.

It does not matter which i disable or remove, at the next startup it comes back?

Could it be something in the bios? Perhaps enabling on board graphics? My bios is award modular version 6 (i think)

Any thoughts most welcome.

  Jester2K II 20:49 11 Nov 2003

Does the card have a dual output? Would this explain the problem?

Also is there actually a problem other than the duplicate entry?? ie crashes, error messages etc etc??

  FEISAR 20:52 11 Nov 2003

Sounds like you have a Gremlin with Windows assuming you have two graphics cards. I read your previous thread. My advice for the simplest solution is to re-install and start again. Windows has got confused and the only way to sort that out is to start over.

  wyatt earp 20:56 11 Nov 2003

Jester2k II - it does have a DVI & analogue output and can support two monitors - is this what you mean?
Also Windows freezes when either Weakest Link game starts up or my Star Wars dvd game starts up (only two games i have! - sad really, lol!!)

FEISAR - Do you mean windows or the graphics card?

  wyatt earp 22:34 11 Nov 2003

I have re-installed my drive image copy to restore everything back to normal for tonight.

I would still welcome any other ideas as to how i can sort this problem.

  helmetshine 23:04 11 Nov 2003

It's not a problem Wyatt Jester says it's for the second display if you have a dual monitor setup.I get exactly the same thing on my Radeon and it's perfectly normal.

  wyatt earp 07:14 12 Nov 2003

Thanks for that - Now just need to see why my pc locks up when running games!


  helmetshine 12:46 12 Nov 2003

Check to see if you have VSYNC the latest drivers it's in the 3d tab...go to display properties.....settings....advanced..need to put a check in the use custom settings box then click custom.Also check if there's an option in the game your playing to turn it off.I had a problem with Call Of Duty until i did that...cured it

  wyatt earp 17:31 12 Nov 2003

I will have another go at this problem tonight and will let you know the result.

Each time i do so and it fails i re-install my drive image copy to put it back to how it was before - therefore the Radeon is not currently installed.

Thanks again

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