device failure

  chrisaug 16:18 08 Mar 2003

Okay this problem is stating to wreck my head now any help much appreciated! here we go, first I got a p4 2.4g,768 ddr,Gforce 3 ti 200 64 ddr, on board sound (set to auto in bios) and a creative 5.1 live sound card, running xp pro sp 1.
The problem is when i boot up xp after my desktop and all icons are loaded my screen goes totaly black for a second or two and then my desktop apears again being this is a new pc i built myself at first I thought this was normal, but now if I reboot 1 in 5 times after the screen goes blank and comes back on my mouse is froze my screen is distorted, I can make out my desktop but through multi colours.

After 30 to 40 seconds my system switches to safe mode and tells me that I had a SYSTEM ERROR and the their was a device failure (does not say which device failed that would be to easy) it says reboot to return to full function mode somtimes after rebooting once it works somtimes it loops two or three times and then works.

I have tried setting the onboard sound to off and it still did the same, if it is an irq problem would it not happen evry time I boot?
The only other thing I did´nt mention was the onboard network card I got a terra cam and a epson stylus c 40 ux connected to usb ports and thats about it. My fan speed is adjusted automaticaly or can be adjusted be a program called fuzzy logic 4 my mother board is a 845PE Max msi with a intel chipset

Well im out of ideas so I will leave this to you guys any help would be well appreciated no matter how small. cheers chris

  -pops- 16:34 08 Mar 2003

Remove everything none essential i.e. keep only one stick of memory, HDD, graphics card/monitor and see if it works then. If it does, add each bit of hardware one by one shutting down and rebooting after each change and see at what point you start to get problems. You should be able to find the problem item.


  Elrond 16:48 08 Mar 2003

I'll go with pops on this one. Trial and error is the best way. When you do find everything is working ok make sure that the onboard sound remains disabled in the bios. You were correct to assume a conflict between ur sound card and onboard sound. There is no need for you to have both turned on.

  chrisaug 17:58 08 Mar 2003

thanks I will give it a shot later got go to work now (sucks when you have a problem with your pc and no time to fix it) I will post again when I find or if I find the problem thanks again fellas.

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