Device Driver Problem

  aberfeldy 10:26 23 Oct 2003

OS Win XP Pro. Every now and then when booting up XP will restart and come up with an error message report saying it has had a major problem with a device driver. The PC works fine until the next day when we switch on again.
The error code detail is
"BCCode 1000008e BCP1:C000005 BCP2:8053434E BCP3:F28D46C0 BCP4:00000000 OSVer 5_1_2600 SP1_0 Product 256.1

Does anybody have any idea has to what decice it is refering to.


  MichelleC 12:58 23 Oct 2003

Is this any good:

When you start your Windows XP-based computer after you install an ATI RADEON 64 MB DDR video adapter, the computer may continually shut down and then restart.

Computer stops responding at the Logon screen. After a short time, the following error message may appear:

Windows has recovered from a serious error BCCode: 100000EA BCP1:81356020 BCP2:8145FB30 BCP3:814D7378 BCP4:00000001 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP:0_0 Product: 256_1
You may receive an error report referencing the following files: C:\Windows\minidump\mini~0... .dmp" ...=unknown #'s C:\documents~1\defaut\locals~1\temp\wer3d.tmp.dir00\sysdata.xml
This behavior may occur if the driver installed for the video adapter is the incorrect version.
To resolve this issue, install build 6.13.3276 of the Windows XP display driver for the ATI RADEON 64 MB DDR video adapter, which is available for download from the following ATI Technologies, Inc., Web site:
click here

If either the preceding link or build is no longer current, browse to the following ATI Web site to inquire about the availability of an updated driver for the ATI RADEON 64 MB DDR video adapter:
click here

To download and install the driver, start the computer in the Safe mode and by using the Networking option. To do this, follow these steps:
Restart the computer.
When you see the "Please select the operating system to start" message, press F8.
On the Windows Advanced Option Menu screen, use the ARROW keys to select Safe mode with Networking, and then press ENTER.

  aberfeldy 13:28 23 Oct 2003

It confirms what I thought it may be which is the display driver.

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