Device Dilemma (Disaster?)

  warthog01 00:38 26 Nov 2004

I recently bought a second hand Dell laptop computer, formatted the hard drive and installed WINXP Pro. Although most features were OK, I noticed some functions lacking, so went into the control panel>systems>device manager to attempt to identify the problem. Most devices were working properly, but the entire group "Other devices" comprising Ethernet controller, Network controller, O2 MICRO SMARTCARDBUS_reader, USB Controller,USB Device and Video controller VGA compatible all displayed yellow question marks with exclamation points. When I click each of these, I get a code 28, "the drivers for this device are not installed", but a scan does not locate the drivers. Am I missing a hardware component with all these functions or is it indeed a driver problem and, in either case, can anyone suggest a fix? I have a WINXP disk but not a Dell Driver disk.

  warthog01 19:43 26 Nov 2004

Terrific! Now I'm getting somewhere, but there are still three drivers I've been unable to locate and they aren't identified by type in the Dell Support site--can anyone steer me to an ethernet controller, USB controller and USB device drivers, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 26 Nov 2004

Everest Home Edition click here run this to find out what exactly is fitted in your dell then we can point you to the correct drivers.

  warthog01 01:32 27 Nov 2004

Fruit Bat
Everset downloaded & installed--now what do we need to do?

  Belatucadrus 11:56 27 Nov 2004

For the ethernet controller :-
Run Everest, in the menu on the left hand side expand the 'Network' group and select 'Windows Network' it should list your ethernet adapter and at the bottom of the page provide links to suitable sites for product information and driver downloads.
The USB problem is a little odd as XP should support USB 1 without any problems and USB 2 after installing either of the service packs see click here for more info. Try adding SP2.

  warthog01 00:43 28 Nov 2004

Belatucadrus--Thanks for that. I've now located and installed every driver except the USB device. I installed SP2 without difficulty but the automatic search for the USB driver came up zero. Any other ideas? BTW, my USB ports are working fine--what does a USB device do, anyway?

  Belatucadrus 01:18 28 Nov 2004

A bit odd this, as Windows XP with SP2 should support most USB. Do you have any USB devices plugged in at the moment ?

  warthog01 09:02 28 Nov 2004

Yes--logitech mouse and USB memory stick--both working as advertised.

  Belatucadrus 12:42 28 Nov 2004

click here for a link to Logitech mouse software downloads.

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