A device attached to the system in not working

  GazMaz 10:23 29 Mar 2003

"A device attached to the system in not working"

I have received the above error after installing Partition it on my PC, I have since uninstalled Partition-IT, but I get the following error when trying to start some, not all programs. The program I was most confused with was when I tried to start MSpaint and got this message. How can I find out which Device is not working to help me fix the problem!
I've gone into Device Manager but all seems OK in there. Not much help I know!!

  GazMaz 10:24 29 Mar 2003

Sorry forgot to say I'm on WIN 98.!!

  Megatyte 10:47 29 Mar 2003

When you click OK do you get another message?


  GazMaz 10:55 29 Mar 2003

Sometimes it's to easy to ask someone else isn't it.
Sorry I put a search in for the MFC42.DLL which seemed to be the problem ran SFC.EXE from Start Run and reinstalled the DLL from my win98 Disk now so far all programs that didn't run now run. Yippppeee.
Thanks for the quick response anyway

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