Detected Proxy Settings

  Border View 10:19 06 Feb 2007

I run XP SP2 with IE7. My home page is Google search engine. I have a wireless router with only my laptop connected.

This morning when I clicked on IE, and was getting the usual "connecting" I noticed in the bottom left corner "detected Proxy settings" everything continued then as normal and I connected to Google with the "done" indicator in bottom left corner.

Just wondered what it meant by "Detected proxy settings"

Any ideas?

  silverous 11:21 06 Feb 2007

In IE if you go to Tools, Internet Options, then the Connections tab then choose "Lan Settings" you will probably find you have it set to automatically detect settings.

It is unlikely if you are at home that you have a proxy server (unless it is with your ISP) but in a corporate enviroment they are more common. A proxy is a server via which many machines make requests - in this case a web proxy. They can be useful in that if, for example, everyone in an office goes to the same web page, the proxy can 'cache' that web page and therefore deliver it to your machine over a local network without every machine having to go away to get another copy. With such dynamic web content I'm not sure how useful they are for this purpose these days, but if for example you downloaded a large file and your proxy server held a copy of it - then it would be of use if someone else tried to do the same. If that makes sense!?

  Border View 11:57 06 Feb 2007

Thanks for that silverous. Think I can follow what you mean on the corporate front. Seem to recall something like that when I worked for a Local Authority and we had to download documents from the Home Office.

I have been into Internet Options and I am ticked to detect LAN automatcially.

Not getting paranoid, but my next door neighbour used to have a wireless router which I could pick up on my laptop. It was encrypted and I would never have dreamt trying to access it. I have noticed though that it has disappeared from my list of wireless connections. There is just me.

I use extensive security encryption with my wireless set up. Question, could this chap next door be now using my connection without my knowledge and thats what this "Detected Proxy Settings" referred to?

  silverous 12:27 06 Feb 2007

Just because your're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

No - I suspect "Detected Proxy Settings" means exactly what I said above and you confirming that it detects lan automatically suggests this also. Try unticking it - I suspect you'll find that it no longer shows at the bottom that it is has detected proxy settings.

IE settings in this regard are not related to which wireless connection is being used and by whom. If you have reasonable wireless security in place I'd be surprised if he's on your connection - but if you have a reasonable router the admin page/logging information might well show you the IP addresses which are connected.

Not that anything is unbreakable but if you are worried, and your router (if you use one) supports it - a nice relatively easy fix is to implement "mac address filtering" as most 'neighbours' won't get around that.

  Border View 12:33 06 Feb 2007

Brilliant - I have the MAC address filtering in place.

Thank you for your help silverous.

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