detect remote monitoring

  Dori 11:01 13 Oct 2006

Does anyone know how I could detect if my computer is being monitored remotely?
All help appreciated!

  Belatucadrus 12:07 13 Oct 2006

When you say remotely do you mean via an Internet, if so what type of connection have you got.Or are you thinking of something on the lines of Local networking sharing and/or keyloggers ?
What security software do you already have in place ?
What specifically makes you think you may be being monitored as it is extremely unlikely ?

click here and click here may be of interest.

  Dori 15:11 13 Oct 2006

Sorry Belatucadrus, maybe I should have posted on the beginners site! I was thinking along the lines of the master/slave connections which I believe are not able to be seen or removed? Running XP and Norton Antivirus, plus Spyware Doctor. Boyfriend set up the system which included providing me with an email address using his account.

  Belatucadrus 15:44 13 Oct 2006

Master/Slave usually refers to the relationship between a PC and peripherals like printers. It is very unlikely that your PC is subordinated to any other computer that way. If you're concerned about remote access try adding a firewall like click here Kerio and when it goes through the initial learning procedure and checks what you want to access the net, read the pop ups properly, don't simply click yes to clear it out of the way. If it throws up anything you don't recognise you can always check at Process Library click here or here.

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