Detailed information about modem activity ...

  Heefie 23:20 01 Feb 2004

Apologies if this has been sorted before ... my modem is going berserk so I haven't searched for related problems !!!

I have The PC advisor site open & the page is complete & I have Outlook Express open & it's not checking for new E:Mails every minute ... at least, it never did before so I hope it's not now !!!!

Basically, my modem should be idle, it normally is, but at the moment it is solidly on & if I check the status, it is just sending, sending, sending ... this obviously worries me as to what it is sending and to whom.

Which leads me to my question ... can I download any software that will monitor my Internet activity, what it it sending (most important !) and receiving and to (and from) what addresses ?!?


  Gaz 25 23:25 01 Feb 2004

I would run a virus scan, my first guess is you have a Mass-mailing worm, or a blaster infection.

Also run Adware and Spybot, both excellent spyware removers.

  Heefie 00:33 02 Feb 2004

Sorry, should have said, I have recently had a "backdoor" problem (ooer missus <g> !!!) with something called GT.EXE & have downloaded & run Spybot (already had), AdAware, Spyware Blaster, The Cleaner & Trojan Remover ... removed a few problems and I seem to be clean ... my ADSL ISP has been offline most of today so I wonder if it's connected, but I would love to find out what it's (supposedly !!!) doing ...

  cycoze 00:59 02 Feb 2004

If you havent already got a firewall installed , download outpost free version from click here .

Once its been installed you can check all connections , allow/block accordingly , if anything suspect is trying to gain access from your machine to the web , it can be stopped , you can then try hunting it down on your machine.

  Stuartli 09:21 02 Feb 2004

Have you also checked OE's Tools>General tab to ensure that your e-mails' "Check for new messages" timing is as frequent or infrequent as you require?

  bruno 09:39 02 Feb 2004

You do not say which OS you use.If it is XP I believe it is necessary to turn off system restore before you do your cleaning,otherwise it will put them all back for you.This free download was given in the forum recently and I found it here

  Heefie 12:58 08 Feb 2004

Sorry about the delay getting back, we've all been ill !!! I'm using Win2K with ZoneAlarm firewall and AVG virus protection, and my OE6 settings are fine thanks ... but I've downloaded the Down2Home program as suggested by bruno and this seems to do what I want, so thanks to all for your help ...

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