Destructive Recovery

  londonknights 19:00 24 Jul 2007

Hello Everybody

I have a PB iMedia 1529 pc with windows xp. I had reason to use the Recovery DVD that I made up when I first bought the PC, but now I have lost the F11 option to reinstal the pc to factory condition. On boot up, when I press F11 nothing happens, it goes str8 into normal boot up. I wrote to PB in Holland but as yet they have not replied, can anyone help me please? Thank You.

PS I want to use this option because by using the boot dvd it appears that files progs etc are not completly removed

  skidzy 19:05 24 Jul 2007

I know that feeling too !

Have had the same problem with an Advent lappy.

Just check,once you turn the machine on,wait briefly and then repeatedly tap not wait to long though as this will go straight into windows.

Does the recovery disc give any options ?

  londonknights 19:08 24 Jul 2007

hello skidzy, nothing happens I have tried that, it just goes str8 to windows, and when I use the dvd to reinstal, my previous administrator folder still shows, although presumably empty, with "access denied".... spooky!

  londonknights 19:09 24 Jul 2007

and no option on recovery disc, the one I made myself and the subsequent copy that PB sold me for £38, I remember when they came with the PC.... but I am old...

  skidzy 19:13 24 Jul 2007

I have no answer for you but:

I have an Advent lappy (well middle sons) and created the recovery dvd upon first boot of the machine.

Recently he had a bit of bother and we decided to recover,now the F function allowing the normal 3 options is not avaible,but the recovery dvd does give 3 options.

Have you tried to explore from the recovery disc,just incase you have missed something.

  londonknights 19:20 24 Jul 2007

Skidzy, thank you, I will explore the DVD again more thoroughly this time, I will close this thread now, Im sure your pretty "up" on PC stuff as Ive seen your postings on here before, Thank You for you help, Kev

  sinbads 19:25 24 Jul 2007

I hadd a PB imedia not sure of the model but when i first got it there was an option to create recovery disk's(think it created three disk's) however i never did make them and just relied on the hidden partition.

Mistake somehow the hidden partition became currupt so i was unable to restore my comp, think you can send off for the recovery disk's but it will cost you as you say £38 .

Best thing to do iss borrow a freinds xp cd format your comp, when it asks for you serial number put in the one thats on your case.

backup on hidden partitions soundss good but kow lots of peeps that have had this sort of problem.

good luck

  londonknights 19:34 24 Jul 2007

Thanks Sinbads

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