Destination drive not found on system recovery

  Vivian7 16:55 04 Mar 2018

Hi I have HP pavilion g7. The hdd got corrupted so I have fitted new one of same spec. When I turned on says bootmgr missing. Went into Bios and set to system recovery - same message. Inserted recovery disc for windows 7 and recovery screen came up. Checked box for factory reset and disc formatted and files loading box ticked. Loading at 16 percent then got message destination drive not found. Can you please help. Ps I am a novice but keen to learn.

  Forum Editor 17:05 04 Mar 2018

The first thing to do is check whether the new drive is being detected in the BIOS - have you done that?

  Vivian7 22:11 04 Mar 2018

Thanks for reply. Sorry only picked up now. Not sure. I did do hard drive test in bios and it passed ok but not sure where to look in bios to see if hard drive recognised. I have just refitted the hard drive again and started it up. I am being over optimistic as I know it was installed ok. I will have a look again in the bios.

  wiganken2 14:55 05 Mar 2018

Boot manager resides in the "System Reserved" (SR) partition (which is about 100MB size and hidden) and created when Windows is installed. If you have simply formatted a new HDD then this will not create that partition. Also the new HDD must be set up as a "Master" and not a "Slave" by changing "Jumpers" on the HD. You can check that the SR partition is present on your new HDD by running "Disk Management" and there you should see it. Even if it is present the bootmgr may be corrupt so see the Microsoft help page here: - click here . Hope this helps.

  Vivian7 15:10 05 Mar 2018

Hi thanks for assistance. I refitted the hdd and ran recovery discs again. This time it worked thankfully. I have never entered the bios until this problem so I am afraid your instruction is rather over my head. Its all a bit out of my depth at my age. I changed the hdd because I think my old one had a corrupt file or programme on it but want to rescue some of my stuff off it. Can I connect it to my laptop via a cable to view data without uploading it? If that is possible how can I tell which file/files are safe to upload.

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