Desperately need Help with Aspire 5100

  coopa 17:27 19 Oct 2007

I've had my Aspire 5100 laptop for over a year now and recently, i formated it and installed vista to it thath i bought recently. after that, i downloaded ALL the 5100 drivers from acer support FTP site and installed them, plus the whole empowering technology bit. However, whenever i insert a usb (no matter what kind - external hard disk, mouse, camera, printer, etc.) it says 'USB Device not recognised'. Even if I install the drivers andthen plugthe camera in it won't work. it works perfectly on my Desktop PC, but not with the Acer laptop. I've been trying out everything I know, searching for help in forums for ages and still nothing goes. Is there a way to get the Aspire recovery DVD, because i didn't get it when i bought the machine, and the eRecovery thingy wasn't there either. Sereosly, it's doing my headache like nothing before, and i'm completely out of solutions.

  crosstrainer 17:32 19 Oct 2007

Open device manager, scroll down to usb hubs and click the small+ sign to expand them.

Highlight each one in turn and right click, choose remove...Vista will complain but don't worry.

When you have down this, shut down and re-start the machine and let windows re-install the drivers.

You lost your erecovery partition when you formatted the hdd to install Vista, you could have made backup cd's or dvd's but hope the above works.

  coopa 17:55 19 Oct 2007

unfortunately, already found this solution not working, it was in another forum and after I did it same thing happens. and about the recovery partitions.. i DID NOT HAVE THEM to start with. I bought the machine from savastores which had bankrupted after and I'm telling you, the recovery partitions wasnt there, the recovery oftware wasnt there either - nothing. I was surprised when i didn't have no pop-ups about creating recovery disc, because i have had just bought the advent desktop pc and doing the recovery was first thing it asked when i turned it on..

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