Desperate for help with setting up a new PC!

  Hesperider 20:26 06 Feb 2003

I'd be very grateful for any insight into the problem I'm having setting up my neighbour's PC. He bought it at auction, it has a Via K7VMM mainboard and KM266 chipset, Athlon XP 1800 processor.
I installed Windows 98SE without a hitch, but when I came to set up the mainboard, Windows encounters an error accessing the system registry, and says it will restart and repair the registry, but instead gets stuck in a loop of restarting and repeating the error. It also says that Systray has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. I've spent hours trying to figure this out but have got absolutely nowhere! Any help would be much appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 20:31 06 Feb 2003

Have you tried reformatting and reinstalling from scratch? I know this doesn't tell you whats gone wrong but it is the easiest solution

  clayton 20:31 06 Feb 2003

Have you installed all the motherboard drivers
click here

  howard60 20:32 06 Feb 2003

formatting the hard disk and starting again.

  Hesperider 20:50 06 Feb 2003

Thanks, but this is from a reformatted HDD and reinstalled OS (reformatted several times I hasten to add .. )

  Kyomii 21:09 06 Feb 2003

Memory ----- try a different stick of memory if you have one at hand.

  Hesperider 21:16 06 Feb 2003

Thanks - it's worth a go. :o)

  Djohn 21:19 06 Feb 2003

Think Kyomii, is on the right track, sounds very much like memory prob.

  muscic lover 21:47 06 Feb 2003

is the BIOS Battery running low on power? that can be a cause as well.

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