Desparate help needed

  Willow12 23:41 04 Jun 2003

Just had system go down 4 times in a row with this error message affecting Speed Dial UP


Error Signature

BDCode: 50 BCPI:E1098000 BCP2 : 00000000 BCP3: BF80CD4E BCP4: 00000001 OSver 5.1.2600 SP: 1.0 Product 768-1

Error Report Contents


Whole system automatically shut down to protect PC. Had to restart in Safe Mode and use a restore point.

I have installed Broadband for first ime today, can't be a conincidence.

What does it all mean?

Help, please!!!!!! I use WIN XP. BB with Pipex.

  User-312386 00:00 05 Jun 2003

by any chance do you still have your 56k modem installed?

It could be a conflict here

remove the 56k modem and see what happens

  Despicable Desperado 00:02 05 Jun 2003

This is usually a memory problem. If it has only just occurred uninstallwhatever you have just done (in this instance all the BB stuff and see if the problem goes away). What may be happening is that two items (programs etc) are trying to access the same memory address at the same time. Is the BB modem USB?

  Willow12 00:02 05 Jun 2003

I have, is this it?

  Willow12 00:04 05 Jun 2003

BB modem is USB I have plugged it ito USB2 port

  powerless 01:16 05 Jun 2003

Go to start > Run > Type: MSCONFIG

Click ok.

Now click on the STARTUP tab up at the top. Now you see those ticks? They are there because they are telling windows to load all the programs up at startup. They are simply not needed...

Remove the ticks from each one. If on the other hand you prefer a program to load keep the tick in the box. To see what you are stopping from starting click here

If you have windows update set to autmotically check then leave the tick in the box next to: Updreg

If you also run antivirus software and a firewall leave the ticks in.

See if this cures it.

If it does not, In Internet Explorer (up at top) Click > Tools > Internet Options... Connections > Highlight your old connection and click REMOVE. (your 56K connection i'm guessing you did have)

Try it again.

If this does not work, go to start > Run > Type: eventvwr.msc

Now click ok.

Now here are some logs, that log your computers activities. Now click on APPLICATION and the SYSTEM logs. You will see ERROR (in red) this will relate to your problem. Just double click thos log. It may say the same as in your post above. But at the bottom of this log there will be link. Click this link and you will be taken to the Microsoft website where you will be told of the problem (if its known) and a possible fix (if there is one).

Try it again.

  Willow12 09:19 05 Jun 2003

I am able to get into my PC and know that it is not specifically a start up issue. I use msconfig quite often to control whta launches at startup, and don't beleive that is where the problem lies.

It has to be connected to my installation of the the ASDL Modem as provblems only started within two hours of installation. I will take you through what I did to install this.

I put in my software disc from the supplier and went through the automated installation process. Right at the end afer clicking 'finish' I was told that certain codes had not been installed, two of then but I can't recall their numbers. (I am at work at the moment and can't check this!)

I then connected up my USB Modem to an USB2 port. Which I assume is OK to do.

Everything was then fine I had the two green lights on the Modem and had Broadband internet access. I click on the ASDL shortcut to get the connection. Then after that I had to click on the Internet shortcut to get online.

One thing that I may have done wrong is that I attempted to turn this onto a one button job. I went into the Control Panel, Internet Connections, disabled Freeserve as my Internet Access (my old IP) and selected ASDL icon (which was also under dial-up) to be my new default. Once this was done I could just click on the Internet ICon on the desktop and it would put me online. Have I done something wrong here?

Two things I noticed with this, first is that when clicking the Internet icon I get the same dial-up box saying dialing and then verifying id that I got with freeserve. Not having used Broadband before I wondered if this should be the case? Have I accidently routed the new BB modem through my old dial up one?

Secondly, when clicking Internet Icon, I would get online but it wouldn't load up the first page properly and I had to select the 'home' icon to get this to happen. Is this an indication that I have done something wrong?

For the first two hours it was fine, but subsequently PC has continually crashed after less than a minute online. With memory being dumped and 3 disc scans being done by windows due to the problems.

I hope that this additional imformation will help you to help me!!

As I said I am at work at the moment and this is not my PC but should be able to respond to any further info you may need.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  Willow12 09:23 05 Jun 2003

Also I managed to stay online long enough on one occasion to post the original problem and to investigate the code myself. Through Windows site it would appear to definately be a hardware issue. Which when the only hardware added has been the new modem. It must be this.

Try and ignore all my spelling mistakes. Had to type quickly!!!!

  Willow12 11:40 05 Jun 2003


Not particuarly waiting for Powerless on this one, anyone in the know would do!!!!!! Even if it just to confirm, or otherwise, that what I have done seems OK.

Do you get these kind of problems if the old dial modem is not removed through Tools, Internet Options, Connections.

  DieSse 12:41 05 Jun 2003

You tewo modems *should* be able to co-exist quite happily.


Tools - Internet Options - Connections and tick "Never dial a connection". This will stop your regular modem trying to get on-line under any circumstances.

  Willow12 13:24 05 Jun 2003

Being that it worked fine for 2 hours before playing up, does that indicate more of a loose connection problem rather than a system one. When it goes down my two green lights on the modem are replaced by one red one. What does this indicate?

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