carvers 11:24 21 Apr 2004

I have recently started finding various icons relating to the above which is shown as a shell class info file (whatever that is) i have up to date antivirus along with adaware and spywareblaster so i do not think it is caused by a virus but you never know. i also found lots of files named thumbs.db which i have managed to rid myself of (they are sitting in the recycle bin at the moment just in case) can anyone help with regards these files and what caused them also how to get rid of desktop.ini which is mostly sitting in my pictures and music folders. in plain english if anyone is kind enought to offer advice, many thanks.

  carvers 11:26 21 Apr 2004

forgot to mention i have windows xp home if this makes a difference

  Sethhaniel 11:29 21 Apr 2004

in explorer these will disappear
thumbs.db is created when you view folder as thumbnails - deleting them will only let XP make new copy nexttime you view as thumnails

  carvers 12:08 21 Apr 2004

Yes thanks for this i had forgotten to retick hide system files and this seems to have done the trick - obliged for your help

  temp003 12:13 21 Apr 2004

They are legitimate Windows files.

Desktop.ini mainly contains folder settings for the folder in question. It's OK to delete it, you'll lose any special settings for the folder, but the file will likely be created again anyway.

Thumbs.db are basically "cache" files for picture folders for which thumbnail view has been enabled. XP stores the view in the file so that it can load the thumbnail view more quickly. Deleting them is OK. After you delete the file, the first time you load the thumbnail view for that folder, it will load slightly more slowly (whether it's noticeable I don't know). But it will come back immediately.

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