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  denali 20:41 13 Oct 2004

I am not too sure how to put this question, but here goes. My daughter is using my PC at present-XP Pro- I have given her a signing on name but would like to know if there is any way I can transfer some programmes from my desktop to her's and vice versa. I apologise if this appears as gibberish but I know exactly what I wish to do but am having trouble explaining.
Many thanks

  woodchip 20:48 13 Oct 2004

Start in her log in name, then for the programs you want to use, open Explorer by pressing Win key+E then look for the Program .exe file that you want to put on her desktop. Reduce the Explorer window so you can see the desktop also, by pressing the next button to off x in top right screen. Now just right click the .exe file in the program and drag a shortcut to the desktop, that's it.

  denali 20:54 13 Oct 2004

woodchip: You are a scholar and a gentleman, Sir.
Worked first time.
Thank you

  denali 21:15 13 Oct 2004

woodchip: I am sorry to be a pest. But!!!
Every thing worked as you explained but I have three progs. on my PC which I do not want her to touch all school related( she has ruined her own PC at uni). There are no icons but the are listed in programmes. Can I use the same advice you gave me to move them back to my side?

  woodt 23:13 13 Oct 2004

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Right Click on 'Start' and select 'Explore all users'.

A window will open with the start menu for all users highlighted. Click on the plus arrow by programs and it will show you which programs are available to all users. You will also find which programs are available to your daughter by expanding the directory/tree by her user name and likewise for yourself. If there are any programs listed in your daughters tree that you do not want her to use then just right click and select delete. You will have to delete the folder from the all users tree as well but make sure they are available in your tree first.If they are not in your tree the right click/copy and the paste to your tree before deleting from the all users tree.

The above seems very complicated but is not really.

The alternative is to download and install Startup Control Panel from click here. this excellent little program will allow you to move any program from the common start list to the user list, i.e. you when you are logged on, by right clicking the relevant progran and selecting 'send to'.

Hope the above makes sense.

  curlylad 01:32 14 Oct 2004


  woodchip 12:09 14 Oct 2004

Just right click the Program icon and Delete they are only shortcuts

  denali 14:21 14 Oct 2004

Thank you all very much for your help.
woodt: I am trying your suggestions now. I am sure my brain does not function as yours because it seems a little complicated to me (LOL). I am sure I will crack it though. Thank you very much

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