Desktop on XP

  wobbler 15:40 12 Aug 2003

Daft question this and I know I should know the answer, but how do I change the clor of the text under the icons on my desktop. I have looked under the appearance tab but the clor selector is grayed out. Windows XP pro.

  Chris the Ancient 16:57 12 Aug 2003

I don't think you can change the desktop font colour - on purpose. It's not peculiar to your machine.

Using clear type from the effects under appearance is as much as you're goint to get - and that does make the text easier to read with the improved font and shadowing.


  Kate B 17:57 12 Aug 2003

there's a little app called Transtext which makes the background to icons transparent so that any pic you have as wallpaper is visible under the name of the icon. It's free I think and available from click here

  Djohn 18:02 12 Aug 2003

Drop shadow, part of XP does this for you! j.

  Chris the Ancient 20:05 12 Aug 2003

That routine was of help (sometimes) in Win Me, but XP already has transparent backgrounds for desktop icons.


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