Desktop won't start

  andydgra 13:50 06 Mar 2010

I thought it was the fuse in the plug but it must be the power supply FSP350-60MDN 350w, is it worth buying a second hand one off ebay for 30 quid? or is there anything else I can try first? It's a Advent T9306 about 4 years old. Also the fan is so loud it sounds like a helicopter taking off, should I change this while I'm at it or just turn the music up to drown it out? cheers

  howard64 14:22 06 Mar 2010

fans are very cheap and a 450W power supply from the likes of novatech etc., start at about £25 so £30 for a second hand/unknown state is a bit daft.

  andydgra 19:08 09 Mar 2010

put a new power supply in, started up, it shut down after a few seconds then started again, then shut down after a few more seconds. Doesn't shut down at the same period of time just lasts a few seconds then shuts down. I thought it was the fan loose so took this out but made no difference. I can't see any scorch marks anywhere. any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 09 Mar 2010

"Also the fan is so loud"

"just lasts a few seconds then shuts down"

If its the CPU fan then most likely its overheating and shutting down to protect the cpu from being fried.

  andydgra 20:30 09 Mar 2010

the cpu fan has allways been loud and the machine is about 4 years old, it isn't running long enough to get hot. the fan was loose on it's mounting though and when removed, but with the box open, it still runs just a few seconds at a time and it shuts down.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:58 09 Mar 2010

"it isn't running long enough to get hot"

it only takes a couple of seconds for a cpu to get overheated.

  andydgra 21:02 09 Mar 2010

I think this could be the problem, the fan and heat sink was definatly loose and the platic pins will not now hold the fan/heatsink to the motherboard. It's a coolermaster cm12v and I wonder if I should replace this? I'll take the old fan/heatsink into a comp shop and ask for a replacement.

  andydgra 19:05 10 Mar 2010

looking for some of these pins in the UK or an upgrade to fix the heatsink to the cpu. click here

  andydgra 11:47 23 Mar 2010

Put in new power supply, new cpu heatsink/cooler, all well. Thanks for help

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