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Desktop will not load -blank screen

  algernonymous 08:20 30 Nov 2017

On starting my laptop, I enter password as normal, screen goes blank/black, but then Desktop does not load? Windows 10.

  Basaa 08:57 30 Nov 2017

There's either a problem with the drivers, which can be fixed via safe mode, install drivers, or just rearrange windows!

  algernonymous 09:16 30 Nov 2017

I tried getting into Safe Mode (f8?) but didn't work. Also, I remember now, after shutting down last night it went through the usual procedure but ended up freezing on a black screen (cursor was still visible) so I left it and went to bed

  algernonymous 09:45 30 Nov 2017

OK thanks guys. Think I answered myself when I remembered about last night, so when I got to the login screen I instead used the Shut Down option and I guess this closed it down in the correct way as when I tried again it worked fine. By the way, it's been a few years since I've been on here, amusing to see some of the 'old hands' still here - rdave, fruitbat - great work guys!

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