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Desktop Widened After PowerPoint Presentation

  K*B 19:25 12 Aug 2013

Hello friends, I had a PowerPoint presentation using my Vista Home Basic laptop this afternoon. I had to press the keyboard combination "fn + f4" for Vista to pick up the projector to enable it to display the slides. When I connected the serial cable from the projector to the laptop, the slides on the laptop screen became wider/bigger even though the projected images of the same slides looked normal. After the presentation I pulled out the serial cable from the laptop and waited for the screen characters on the laptop to return to their normal look and size. To my dismay they never did. How can I get the laptop screen back to its normal look and size without running the Vista RESTORE utility? Please help. Thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:42 12 Aug 2013

".....Vista Home Basic laptop............How can I get the laptop screen back to its normal look and size without running the Vista RESTORE utility?"

Go to Control Panel -> Personalization -> Display Settings. In the "Resolution" section, drag the slider all the way over to "High" then click "OK" - here's a screenshot to help illustrate this.

  K*B 20:55 12 Aug 2013

Secret-Squirrel! thanks a mil ...... I've got it fixed. Did exactly what you advised. Cheers.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:15 12 Aug 2013

Woolwell, perhaps the OP didn't know how to answer your question about "native resolution". Anyhow, virtually all the time with flat-screen displays, the highest resolution available is always the native one.

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