desktop wallpaper

  the kopite 17:19 29 Apr 2005

Hi Guys I downloaded a nice wallpaper from webshots but it is spoilt by a calender imposed on it anyone any idea how to get rid of it please thanks kopite

  Kate B 17:59 29 Apr 2005

Hm, you could probably do it with something like the healing brush in Photoshop but it would be fiddly. Anyone else got any simpler suggestions?

  Curio 18:06 29 Apr 2005

Could you crop the pic to remove the calendar or is it too central for that?

  SANTOS7 18:15 29 Apr 2005

If the site will let you download the wallpaper then the artist is willing to share what they have designed, having had a quick look at the site you mentioned there are guestbooks you can write to, why not write to the artist and explain your interest in the picture you have chosen and ask them if they can
email you the picture before they put the calendar config to it...

  Hamish 18:17 29 Apr 2005

If you have downloaded webshot desktop go to optiomd, near the top at the right side, click optiond then click wallpaper and removed the tick from calender

  Hamish 18:18 29 Apr 2005

That should be options

  the kopite 19:17 29 Apr 2005

Thanks Guys good response and sound advice as usual Hamish options remove calender done the trick thank you from a delighted kopite

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