Desktop versus notebook

  brian132 15:44 25 Jul 2003

Plese ignore this email if it is not suitable for this Helproom , perhaps suggesting as to where I should go for help would be appreciated.
I have for about 8 years kept my desktop upstairs in a bedroom, but now I am thinking ( at the age of 66) about not having to go upstairs any more and re-fitting the room as a bedroom again.
I am thinking of buying a notebook which I can use downstairs in comfort. I use my PC mainly for about 6 hours Internet per week, digital photo editing and printing and a few newsgroups. Has any one had the experience of going from Desktop to Notebook? Your advice would be welcome. Thank you

  -pops- 15:48 25 Jul 2003

It's a big step to take if you're not used to a notebook or laptop and, at our stage in life, I think it would quite a challenge getting used to it. Personally, I wouldn't but I'm sure you'll get others posting saying quite the opposite.


  Magik ®© 15:48 25 Jul 2003

done just that, i took over the daughters bedroom when she moved out, never saw the other half, and at the same age as you, i thought "get a laptop" perfect, does all the desktop ever did, i got the DELL 8200, not one thing the laptop will not do, what the desktop did.......

  Forum Editor 15:57 25 Jul 2003

between a laptop and a desktop machine - at least as far as the basic operation is concerned - and it sounds to me as if you would make the ideal laptop user.

You're obviously used to a computer, and operating a laptop ( or notebook - same thing as far as this question is concerned) would come very easily to you. Obviously you will have a slightly smaller screen and keyboard, but other than that everything would be just the same. Laptops are now as powerful as desktops, and every bit as capable. Connections to printer, and the internet are identical - as is the software.

Buy that laptop/notebook, I'm sure you won't regret it - after all, since when does being 66 mean that you can't use a computer as well as anyone else? My oldest client is 86, and has his own domain and website. I began teaching him computing when he was 84, and although he has taken a little while to assimilate some of the concepts involved in computing he's done wonderfully well. He uses a state-of-the-art Sony laptop on a daily basis, and travels to and fro between his homes in Lusaka and London regularly - emailing me almost daily.

  brian132 20:16 25 Jul 2003

Thanks all for the advice and help needed to make up my mind.Score stands 2-1 in favour of the change. Thanks again.

  nickhick 20:38 25 Jul 2003

I've just bougth my second laptop and would never have a desktop. I am also in my mid sixties and enjoy being 'downstairs' witht family when I'm online etc. I do like to be tidy, though, and have all the ancillaries tucked away when not in use ie printer, scanner etc. In that respect it is not as convenient as having everything out on a dedicated 'workstation' but otherwise I'd rather be sitting in a comfortable chair with the computer on my lap protected from it's heat output by a piece of MDF or other board with some padding on the underside - ENJOY.

Go for the laptop Brian, I'v had one for a few months now and its the best thing i'v ever bought.
use it all over the house, in the car, in the garden in the hot weather, watch DVD's lying in bed. modern laptops are just as powerful as desktops now so theres no problems with any software.

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