Desktop to TV in another room?

  Proclaimer 15:00 08 Sep 2013

It it possible to send desktop sound and video to my TV in another room? My TV has HDMI, RGB and USB inputs. In short I suppose what I would like is to use the TV as a second monitor in order to stream content from a browser to my TV in the lounge instead of using a laptop or moving in the Desktop PC.

I thought something like this may do the trick Mini 5.8GHz Video Sender.

  Woolwell 15:37 08 Sep 2013

You want a Media Extender eg WD Media Player. I used to use an old Pinnacle product to stream photos and music to my TV in a different room but video was very flaky due to poor wifi bandwidth. Nowadays with N standard it should be ok but only if you have a good signal.

  Proclaimer 15:43 08 Sep 2013

That looks like it will stream anything from my HDD to the TV but not directly from any open browser on my desktop to my TV.

  rdave13 16:03 08 Sep 2013

If you have a free-view box or a Sky box with an ethernet connection maybe homeplugs might be a better option? Just as an example of homeplugs click here.

If you have the lan connections try hunting around for cheaper/better homeplugs.

1]: [click here

  Woolwell 16:05 08 Sep 2013

That was just one example Amazon Sony SMPN200.

Controlling your own browser from another room would be a snag. Devices as above stream direct from the internet as well as connecting to your pc.

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