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Desktop shortcuts keep moving

  anniesboy68 18:35 08 Feb 2004

My desktop shortcuts will not stay in place after a reboot. I have tried the desktop right click arrange icons etc.etc. but to no avail. This has happened since I re installed my Medion ATI graphics drivers together with Hydravison etc. etc. Has anyone the answer????

  powerless 18:36 08 Feb 2004


  anniesboy68 19:02 08 Feb 2004

XP home OEM

  anniesboy68 12:27 09 Feb 2004

[email protected] that as I said in the opening post, and it says for web items only. Will just have to put up with it for now.Thanks anyway for replying.

  BRYNIT 12:42 09 Feb 2004

Have you tried, right click the desktop select arrange icons look down and make sure you have a tick against auto arrange and align to grid.

  anniesboy68 15:27 09 Feb 2004

BRYNIT....Yes done all that, auto arrang puts them where I don't want them. Never had this problem before I updated the ATI drivers!! Might uninstall and re install them again...pehaps!!!

  anniesboy68 12:03 11 Feb 2004

Still not sorted, even after re install of Ati drivers. I've repositioned them more or less where the cptr wants them and they seem to stay there! Will tick as resolved. Thanx for inputs everybody...anniesboy68

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