Desktop shortcuts are broken - icons have changed

  squashgym 07:45 12 Feb 2010


I'm running vista on a laptop and my problem is that all the icons on my desktop shortcuts have changed to a generic programme symbol that I guess is used when Vista doesn't recognise the programme.

Then when I click the shortcut it tries to open it as some form of picture and doesn't recognise that it a programme shortcut.

This happened when I was viewing some photo's and inadveertantly clicked something and before I knew what had happened the damage was done.

Could all the desktop icons need to be redirected to the correct programme location an is it possible that I'll need to rename all the shortcuts with the correct file extensions?

I'd be very grateful for any help, thanks.

  rawprawn 08:05 12 Feb 2010

Try system restore, preferably in Safe Mode.
(Keep tapping F8 when booting to get Safe Mode)

  MIke 08:07 12 Feb 2010

Before that try rebuilding your icon cache details here click here

  MIke 08:14 12 Feb 2010

Alternative method click here Somewhere out on the net is a batch file that does this automatically for you but I can't find it now. It basically automates the above. I tried it when some of my icons disappeared and it worked for me


  squashgym 08:26 12 Feb 2010

Another piece of info. I've checked the properties of the shortcuts and they appear to point to the correct target, but I noticed that the shortcut has been changed to a .Ink file

  rawprawn 08:27 12 Feb 2010

My advice still stands

  squashgym 15:32 12 Feb 2010

thanks for the advice; completed a system restore and that's sorted it; thanks again for everyone's help

  rawprawn 16:02 12 Feb 2010

Thanks for he feedback, remember to tick Resolved.

  squashgym 08:28 15 Feb 2010

Resolved - box ticked

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