Desktop shortcut problem

  anniesboy68 21:19 29 Jul 2003

For some reason two shortcuts on my desktop relating to drives F&G keep becoming unavailable, i.e.corrupted, so in order to access them I have to go to My Computer and click on the relative drive. This is following a re format of the C drive Saturday. Does anyone know why this may be please

  graham√ 21:22 29 Jul 2003

Delete the shortcuts and set them up again.

  Steven135 21:23 29 Jul 2003

Wonder if you are having the same problem as this thread discusses (sorry if so as haven't been able to fix it as yet)

click here

  anniesboy68 21:29 29 Jul 2003

Graham..done that happend twice since.

  anniesboy68 21:31 29 Jul 2003

steven135 Thanks for tha thread..a bit complicated though.. will look into it though.

  ericmax 22:02 29 Jul 2003

sorry to hear of your shortcuts problem,that thread you looked at was mine and i still havn't been able to track down the cause yet,its only minor but annoying.if i have any luck i'll let you know.

  anniesboy68 22:05 29 Jul 2003

thanks, another xxxxx problem now, my sidewinder joystick disk has come out the drive cracked. Nothing to do with the other problem though. What a day!!!!

  3Toed 22:58 29 Jul 2003

has anybody with this problem updated to the latest patch for nero burning softwear 5.51042?As this has happened to me after downloading them all.-My p.port iomega zip drive shortcut has done the same thing.

  Seicento 06:29 30 Jul 2003

I think it has something to do with the latest Windows updates (I don't have Nero installed).

Have to say though that the problem was fixed for me by re-entering the path manually in the shortcut Properties, as mentioned in the other thread.

  temp003 06:40 30 Jul 2003

If you use XP, click here to see if it applies to you.

  3Toed 11:32 30 Jul 2003

In my case?.

Having used my iomega program to remove the desktop shortcut by unchecking 'create shortcut on desktop'and rebooting pc then re-checking create shortcuts,it still didn?t work.

I had tried altering properties of the shortcut manually-the obvious one,it worked,but then stopped again after reboot(I did apply).

Gave up in the end by unchecking as above,and then created a shortcut manually,it now works.

As previously mentioned-no great shakes,but it is annoying.

Seicento-Thanks for info,looks like it is pointing towards windows updates as cause of problem.

Temp003-good find,although I?m a bit dubious on that,as it sounds as though its from an earlier era, from 2002.

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