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  carl48 15:03 06 May 2006

Can anybody recommend a desktop search engine (preferably free) that will locate Lotus WordPro (.lwp) files? I've done a search on Google and there seems to be any number of desktop searchers but I can't find one that will work with WordPro. Any advice gratefully received.

  Ade_1 15:12 06 May 2006

have you tried downloading Googles desktop search?

click here

  Kate B 15:16 06 May 2006

I know it's the evil Microsoft, but I like its desktop search tool better than either Google or Copernic. I find it fast and accurate.

click here

  rawprawn 15:27 06 May 2006

I agree with Kate B

  carl48 15:38 06 May 2006

I have looked at the suggested desktop searchers but it seems they don't handle WordPro. I'm searching for one that does.

  terryf 15:50 06 May 2006

Do you search for *.lwp with windows search?

  carl48 16:00 06 May 2006

I am looking for a search engine that will search for key words within all the .lwp documents on my computer, in the same way that they will do with text and Word documents.

  terryf 16:23 06 May 2006
  carl48 16:27 06 May 2006

Thanks terryf. I'll give Google a whirl.

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