Desktop randomly shuts down with a long beep

  Mr. Turtle 04:48 11 Nov 2017

Hi, I have a desktop with amd 8320 processor, corsair cooling, 8gb ram, corsair 750m psu, asrock fatality 990fx killer motherboard, it shuts down in the middle of using the system, with a long beep. after it shuts down, power key stops working, but i can see my motherboard blinking inside. Inorder to restart, i have to turn of the psu and turn it back again. its keep happening all the time. I did ran a diagnosis, but it couldn't find any faults. Anyone know how to resolve the issue?

  Forum Editor 08:53 11 Nov 2017

This sounds like an overheat problem of some kind. One long beep is not on the list of beep codes for your motherboard.

Presumably you have checked all the obvious things - all fans running correctly, no build up of fluff or dust inside the case?

What are you usually doing when the system beeps and shuts down?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:42 11 Nov 2017

Agree long beep is often a temperature warning.

A good clean out will not hurt , check between heatsink and fan for a layer of fluff build up as well as blowing dust out of the case.

  Mr. Turtle 05:04 12 Nov 2017

It shuts down when I use high end games like the new Tom Clancy, or if i do some 3d rendering. sometimes its shuts down even if i don't use. all the fans are working. I can't feel any overheat coming from the processor.

  qwbos 12:46 12 Nov 2017

Inorder to restart, i have to turn of the psu and turn it back again.

Could be the power supply overheating. What make and model of power supply? Is it a self build? Does the power supply fan blow out of the case or into the case? How many case fans? Are the case fans on a controller?

  wee eddie 12:58 12 Nov 2017

Many people clean the dust out of their PCs but fail to clean between the fins on the Heat Exchangers.

If there is not a clear unimpeded airflow through the heat exchanger, overheating will occur

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 12 Nov 2017

clean it out as suggested and report back if solved or not.

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