Desktop Problem (desperately need help)

  Ryan Fleming 23:27 26 Apr 2017

Good day!

Desperate for help, £172729393 reward!

I've had my desktop for 5 years, only now does my computer get the blue screen of death (windows 8.1) atleast once every 2 days. My computer also doesn't display the screen on loaf like 50% of the time. Display shuts itself off mid movie (not timer, I checked) it also freezes when I put in a mouse or USB.

Now I know I've had the computer for 5 years but I don't have the cash to buy a new one (some parts I can).

Is this hardware problems? If so it's the CPU? GPU? Power box? Fans?

Please help!


  lotvic 21:23 27 Apr 2017

Perhaps it's overheating, when did you last have the side off and clean the fans and all the fluff and gunge and reseat all the cable connections, ram, Cards (graphic and sound) etc.?

ps: how are you going to pay the reward ££££££s if you are short of cash LOL

  Ryan Fleming 21:36 27 Apr 2017

Ha well that's a problem!

So I did take the ram out yesterday and put it back in then it was running great but today i turned my computer on and within 10 mins and it had restarted like 4 times in a weird huh? No idea what it could be

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:11 27 Apr 2017

Remove fan from heatsink (leave heatsink on cpu) clear the fluff from fan and heat sink.

Use speedfan program to check temperatures and voltages from PSU

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