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  Macnut 11:35 05 Sep 2008

I have set up Google Desktop so that it selects pictures at random from my hard disc and displays them in a window on my desk top. Recently someone else used my computer and now I see pictues of skate boards. When I click on a picture it opens an internet site:

click here

How can I remove this? I use Windows Vista

  rawprawn 13:57 05 Sep 2008

If you right click and look at Properties it should tell you where it is, and then you can delete it.

  Macnut 14:15 05 Sep 2008

Thanks but 'properties' does not appear. If I click on open it accesses the internet.

  Technotiger 14:49 05 Sep 2008

Just uninstall Photobucket from within Control Panel>Programs and Features.

  Macnut 15:30 05 Sep 2008

Thanks - but it is not in the list

  Technotiger 15:35 05 Sep 2008

Go to Start>Search look in All files and folders, for superfly_49 or Photobucket.

Then highlight anything found, and press the Del key on your keyboard to get rid of it.

  Macnut 15:42 05 Sep 2008

32 files appear I then delete them and they go to recycle bin which I also delete but the same files reappear in the original place!!!!

  john bunyan 16:03 05 Sep 2008

Try again in Safe Mode

  Technotiger 16:04 05 Sep 2008

You may have been infected with a bug/malware of some sort. You should run all the anti-everything programs you may have at your disposal.

Some suggestions here, courtesy of skidzy click here

Or ask the person who used your pc.

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