Desktop picture reduced but unchanged screen resalution

  tonyx1302 16:21 30 Nov 2012

For some unknown reason, all of a suddenly my desktop pictures show less than a third on the monitor The screen saver,websites,text etc show a full screen but when I try and apply any of my desktop pics, only about 20% on the screen is taken up and the rest of the monitor just shows as white. I have tried adjusting the monitor and display props under 'control panel' but nothing will change it back to the original full screen size. Any thoughts please ?


  lotvic 16:59 30 Nov 2012

If you have XP then it is: rightclick on empty part of desktop | Properties | Desktop tab, and change the position to 'Stretch' (instead of Centre)

  tonyx1302 17:06 30 Nov 2012

Thanks lotvic. I had a 'very senior' mental block and had completely forgotten the format to bring it back. Off to sit in a darkened room with a glass of Sanatogen!!

Many thanks


  lotvic 20:52 30 Nov 2012

Ah, those senior moments, I'm sure I must have them but I can't remember..

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