Desktop PC whistles

  jarani 16:14 10 Apr 2012

My speakers are turned off Suddenly there was a high pitch intermittent sound lasting some 1 minute from inside the case which terminated as suddenly as it started does it indicate a warning of some disaster please ? or was it just trying to brighten my dull day ?

  Ian in Northampton 17:04 10 Apr 2012

It could be a cooling fan on its way out. Did it sound like bearings?

  jarani 17:23 10 Apr 2012

Ian - thank you - it's just done it again - identical - the sound is high pitched - not like something mechanical - speaker like - I was not touching the PC at the time - about 3 hours in between - very puzzling - jarani

  Ian in Northampton 17:57 10 Apr 2012

jarani - I'm stumped. Perhaps others will have an idea. The only other thing that occurred to me is that while your external speakers may be off, the PC still has its own internal speaker. I wonder if something is interfering with it? (Sometimes, when I have my mobile phone close to my desktop speakers, I get strange 'interference' noises - nothing like you're experiencing, but some sort of electronic signal close to your PC may be causing it).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 10 Apr 2012

some boards have an overheat warning screech

but possible a fan bearing / fan catching cable

perhaps you need to open it up and have a look.

  onthelimit1 19:50 10 Apr 2012

Cat got in the case?

  Border View 23:28 10 Apr 2012

Make sure that the battery is seated correctly. Same thing happened to me a while ago after my laptop had received a bump which slightly dislodged the battery.

Good luck.

  lotvic 00:04 11 Apr 2012

Could be the CPU high temperature warning 'whistle'. Possibly the CPU Fan is on the blink.

  wee eddie 09:12 11 Apr 2012

My first reaction would be that it's likely to be mechanical and that a good internal dusting might do the trick.

You can, of course spend money and buy a Can of Compressed Air. Alternatively, a clean 1" bristle Paint Brush and a Hair Dryer may be found somewhere in the house.

Unplug everything > Take the PC into the Garage > Take the Side off, putting the screws into a saucer > Blast the inside with the Hair Dryer (Set on 'Cool') > Delicately use the Paintbrush to dislodge any recalcitrant dust > Being very careful you should be able to get the bristles of the Paintbrush between the fins of the CPU Cooler and onto the Fan Blades. Blast again with the Hair Dryer. > I have found that removing the Fan from above the Fins, that cool the CPU, to be mildly terrifying (for the first time) but effective.

I use a 3 cleans process. The First to shift the loose stuff. The Second, to shift the stuff that my brush has loosened and the Third, to shift the dust that I can now see that I have missed.

I should note that my PC is of the Land Rover, rather than the Lamborghini, Variety.

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