Desktop PC upgrade/New build advice.

  PhillyG76 00:50 14 Apr 2018

Hi, I’ve posted quite a few posts this year asking opinions on various upgrade ideas I had for my 9 year old HP Pavilion P6205 pc. Basically I increased the Ram to the max 4GB max and swapped the CPU from an Intel e3200 to e8600 and then added an Nvidia GT710 gpu. But even with GTA4 the game crashes if you try and run on high graphics. I’ve realised I need more RAM and a better processor. But will mean a new motherboard. Have seen cheap Asus micro atx board bundles with 8gb memory and a dual core cpu but with hyper threading for around £180 and this seems good value and will allow for a better GPU later on, but the CPU I’m sure won’t be that much powerful. But better CPU’s on their own seem quite expensive, and even bundles seem a massive increase in price. But then also was wondering maybe get a z170 board rather than a h110, maybe less ram to start with and a half decent CPU, and then add more RAM later. But the price difference of boards on own isn’t that big but a crap CPU to a bit better is huge. Looking secondhand, they still seem expensive. Any suggestions? If the H110 and 8Gb with a basic CPU is adequate. I could always change CPU later when saved more, or do I save more now for better board???!!

  wee eddie 10:32 14 Apr 2018

Keep the case. throw the rest away

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:38 14 Apr 2018

There comes a time where you are just throwing money away trying to upgrade, any machine over 5 yrs old is unlikely to be worth upgrading.

Better to save £5 a week towards your next one every 5 yrs, you'll even have money to spare.

  ILAWJUNIOT 20:16 18 Apr 2018

For me go Hard mode PC i7 8700k mother z370 32 GB RAM ,and obviously 8GB card graphic , i just done that to my Computer i bought it from Kolulo and Amazon base UK, i don't trust to buy from USA
this upgrade it going to cost you max 900pounds include case and Power supply .

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