Desktop PC Running Very Slow

  neilrh 22:31 04 Jun 2017

I have an Asus desktop PC running Windows 10. My problem is it takes 8 mins for my desktop icons to appear, another 13 mins for my taskbar apps to appear. It's another 15 mins before anything becomes functional, no start menu, search, browser etc. It's then sluggish for about 10 mins but after that everything appears to be ok, (approx 45 mins from switch on). I'm not very technical but if someone could help me solve this problem it would be appreciated.

Thank you, Neil

  Govan1x 23:48 04 Jun 2017

Have a look in Device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks.

Check to see how much space you still have left in C Drive, While on that run clean disk to see how much that removes.

Have you run any security programs if so which.

  neilrh 00:47 05 Jun 2017

No exclamation marks in Device manager (it took over 5 mins to open).

349 GB free of 449 GB. Ran clean disk previously, also ran drive error checking

and no errors were found.

I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, ran a full system scan nothing

detected also Malwarebytes again no problems.

I'll retract what I wrote earlier "It's then sluggish for about 10 mins but after

that everything appears to be ok" because if you operate more than one task at a

time everything freezes.

  wee eddie 01:46 05 Jun 2017

Download and run CCleaner Free. They make it difficult to find as they want you to pay, but the free version does the business.

After you've done a basic cleanup, have a look at what is opening at Startup. You can "disable" most everything but your Anti Virus

  q33ny 11:06 05 Jun 2017

You can try to get a little bit more speed until you figure out what is going on by changing the performance option. Press the Windows button and type: adjust the appearance and performance of Windows On Visual Effects change it from Let Windows choose what's .... to Adjust for best performance

After, try to run Task manager immediately after login and than click on More details at the bottom and move to Performance tab and keep an eye on CPU, Memory and Disk. Let us know the result.

  MJS WARLORD 12:47 05 Jun 2017

have you done any downloading recently as you could have got some extras you did not ask for. look in add/remove to see if you have anything installed you dont recognise. as you are on windows 10 , in add/remove click programs and features to show the old style programs interface , it shows more details than the scroll down list..... check all browsers add ins to see if you got anything suspect.

  neilrh 16:05 05 Jun 2017

Installed and ran CCcleaner.

Adjusted visual effects for best performance.

Ran Task Manager after startup, I have screenshots but do not know how to

upload them.

Checked add/remove programs nothing suspicious there, I'm very careful what

I download and always give any files a virus scan.

Unfortunately nothing has helped, if anything every action I carry out appears

to be taking longer. Opening programs, files, browsing, I keep receiving

message "not responding" even typing this reply is painfully slow.

  q33ny 17:17 05 Jun 2017

To upload images you can use this: click here copy paste the link here so we can have a look. Try also to download and run malwarebytes, you never know. Can you also remember when this started to happen? Maybe looking back we can find something that will help identify the problem.

  neilrh 17:34 05 Jun 2017

It started a couple of days ago, can't remember doing anything specific when this first happened. Ran malwarebytes it didn't find any problems.

  neilrh 17:39 05 Jun 2017

I've just noticed I have a watermark bottom right of my screen saying "Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows" to my knowledge this hasn't appeared before I'm not sure what it is.

  Govan1x 17:58 05 Jun 2017

If you right click the start button then choose system. It should show you if it is activated or not. Near the bottom. Maybe start it in safe mode to see if it runs ok on that.

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