Desktop PC replacement power cable and connectors

  Enibas 18:33 08 Jul 2014

Hey all,

In a house-move a bag with various cables got lost. My boyfriend has had a high performance Desktop PC tower custom made by a friend but can now no longer use it, because he cannot start it without the power cable and cannot connect it to the monitor without the connector cable.

I would like to get the cables for him as a surprise but am at a loss what cables I have to ask for in the shop and which store to even go to.

As far as I can see it is an ANTEC power supply, with a 3-pin plug connection that looks a little like a house (excuse my non-techy jargon) and the monitor is an LG flatscreen with various connections, so unsure what cable I need. I have photos if that helps.

Can anyone help and tell me what the technical terms are for the cables that I need and maybe recommend a retailer for me to go to and ask?! I live in the UK.

Many thanks in advance guys.


  BRYNIT 19:18 08 Jul 2014

This usually the standard cable for a computer power supply click here

To complicate things we would need the monitor model number to be able to advise where to get a cable/power adaptor an would also need to know how he connects the monitor to the computer as this could be either HDMI, DVI or a D-sub connection cable.

  Enibas 17:50 09 Jul 2014

Hi Brynit,

thanks so much for replying!

So with the power cable I just use a standard one - or given that he has all these fans and add-ons in the tower, do I need a stronger or higher voltage cable or something?!

The Monitor is an LG Flatron E2260V-PN (Model Number: E2260VT) it seems to have all three connections you described (HDMI, DVI-D, D-SUB and DC-IN), and I believe we still have an HDMI cable (the only one that wasn´t lost), so would that work? And would the monitor need a separate power source or would the HDMI do that as well?

Thanks again for helping - you´re a star!


  bumpkin 18:58 09 Jul 2014

The monitor will need its own power cable which is the same as the one for the PC. Any standard cable will carry sufficient power. I use a D-sub cable to connect to my Flatron. If as you say you have photos then maybe take them to your local shop and I am sure they will be able to sort you the correct cables.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 09 Jul 2014

The monitor needs a separate power cable look at the power socket it may be a figure 8 on its side shape or a standard D shape.

if previously configured the machine HDMI cable may work straight away if not then you will need a D sub VGA cable

  bumpkin 19:15 09 Jul 2014

Afterthought, if you still have the HDMI cable then the chances are that he was using that to connect to the monitor. Nothing wrong with that, I am only using D-sub as I do not have HDMI connectors.

  wee eddie 11:08 10 Jul 2014

Use your phone to take photos of the PC and Screen. Don't need to be really close up but sufficiently large that the socket's are easily identified. Also take photos of the bits he wants to attach. Again, sufficiently detailed for identification

then pop into PC World or Maplin and show your photos to the Salesman.

  spuds 11:36 10 Jul 2014

Usually the power cable to the rear of a pc is a standard type, like those used for electric kettles.

The other cables are similar standard types, that are easily obtainable. What I would suggest is that you check out prices, because place like PC World/Currys charge well above the normal for these cables, in fact it was on the BBC Watchdog programme a few weeks back on how PC World/Currys are overcharging for these items, when cheaper substitutes are just as acceptable.

Personally, I buy by bulk from the likes of eBay or Ebuyer. Most are delivered next day or within a couple of days or order. And including delivery, they are still far far cheaper. Check sellers reviews though.

  Enibas 17:31 10 Jul 2014

Thanks everyone!!!
This is really helpful and much easier than I thought!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks also, wee eddie and spuds, for making suggestions and warnings about retailers!


  Woolwell 17:40 10 Jul 2014

I had to buy new power cables recently (change from standard 3 pin to IEC due to a change of UPS) and found Maplin very expensive compared to Amazon and CCLOnline

  Batch 18:05 10 Jul 2014


I also find Maplin very expensive (as are Currys and most other high street outlets). I only use Maplins for obscure connectors that I can't readily get elsewhere (even on eBay).

For example, I wanted a "C5 to C8" adapter that would allow me to use a 2 core "figure of 8" terminated power lead (which are extremely common and I have several plugged in all around the house) with an Acer Laptop power pack which uses a 3 core "cloverleaf" design. I can't see why the powerpack uses 3 core (i.e. with earth) as it is double insulated anyhow. Maplin was the only place at the time (although I've now found that are very good for such things at better prices than Maplin).

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