Desktop PC MOT / maintenance

  john bunyan 17:49 28 Nov 2010

I am fairly rigorous on software and security maintenance, but up to now have believed on physical matters "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". However on my (nearly) 4 year old Evesham, I noticed an irregular whine. I thought it was a failing HD, so did an ATI clone (Have a removable second HD). Rushed out and bought a new HD. Whine still there. A friend helped, and it turned out to be the fan on the processor on the motherboard that was literally jammed with fluff etc and I think the bearings had gone. A labourious job to replace it.I also noticed a lot of fluff on other circuit boards. The friend thought it unwise to be too fussy on this as there are dangers of too much HP air. What is a reccomended maintenance scheme for desktops?Should one use HP air?

  Muergo 17:56 28 Nov 2010

I know it is not always recommended, but I use a vacuum cleaner with plastic nozzle on pipe, ensuring it does not touch anything, never had any trouble, it is surprising how much fluff accumulates over a short time, but depends what room it's in, placed in a busy living room there is much more dust than in a quiet study room.

  GaT7 18:00 28 Nov 2010

Muergo, I have done the same & also used the vacuum cleaner in reverse (to blow air) & never had a problem. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 28 Nov 2010

Small brush to clean in nooks and crannies

Sharp wooden stick to scrap crap from fan blades

Hair dryer (on cool to blow dust into suitable area for sucking up with vacuum.

  alB 18:51 28 Nov 2010

Vacuum cleaner method for me,I found a soft make up brush does the trick for releasing the dust from the components ...alB

  john bunyan 12:58 29 Nov 2010

I will occasionaly give it a go. The room is a little used study - not obviously dusty but the amount in there was a lot, and it particularly affected the motherboard fan.

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