Desktop PC to Laptop (Wirelessly)

  neil_raj 17:41 30 May 2006

Thick "O" here, good evening all.

I have a desktop PC
I have a Laptop

My laptop has an Intel/ProSet Wireless 2200BG Network adapter

I used this yesterday in a Hotel room, it searched for wireless networks, found one, I clicked a few buttons and I was online reading my email/websites within minutes.... too easy?

Now, I want to use my laptop (wirelessly) downstairs away from my main PC upstairs.

What the heck do I need in the Desktop PC for me to do this. A router, an adapter, a USB stick?

Please help me!

Thanks......... Neil.

  ade.h 17:46 30 May 2006

Cable customer? You need a router.

ADSL customer? You'll need a modem/router.

That's it, basically. Your desktop is 99% sure to have an Ethernet port (RJ45) unless it's quite ancient in PC terms. No point using a desktop wirelessly unless your router has to be some distance away, beyond practical cable range.

Browse the Networking forum; read recent similar posts and note the advice that I and others have given. It applies here as well.

If you want specific advice about which router to buy, let me know.

  rmcqua 18:57 30 May 2006

... to add to what ade.h has said, you do need to subscribe to an Internet Service provider (I know he said "customer" but I'm just making sure).

  skidzy 18:57 30 May 2006

This may give you some ideas.... click here
hope this helps

  bosmere 15:36 31 May 2006

Further to what ade.h said, will you want your laptop to communicate with the PC? If you do you will need a card in the PC.

  neil_raj 16:07 31 May 2006

Thanks all..... I coonected via "ad hoc".

Regards Thick "O".

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