asterias 09:10 02 Nov 2014

My OS is XP prof'and the assigned letter for my DVD drive is J:.I can load programs to the PC via the DVD drive but the PC will not allow me to transfer files to the drive.In the "Send To" pop-up on any of the files in "My Documents" the "Removable Disk (J:)" is not shown. How can i correct this?

  lotvic 09:23 02 Nov 2014

Try the fixes suggested on ClickHere

  asterias 12:19 02 Nov 2014

Thks, Re-set the IMAP CD BURNING in Services to manual but makes no difference,also,with a blank disc in the DVD drive if I right click CD Drive(J:)then click OPEN I get a window which says J:is not accessible-Incorrect Function

  SparkyJack 12:16 03 Nov 2014

Several things to consider

The XP operating system suggests an older machine,so is the drive a burner? Has it burned previously? XP itself does not handle DVD,you need a dedicated burner programming for that.

Download/install CD burner XP Pro.

Maybe the drive has died. They are cheap to buy,simple to install on a desktop,tricky on a laptop.

Lastly the normal 'slot' for a CD/DVD is 'D' or 'E' a How come yours is 'J'?

  lotvic 14:35 03 Nov 2014

Good point SparkyJack, I'd forgotten that XP doesn't burn DVD natively.

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